Interest for graphics was born as I wanted to improve my visualization skills
as an ID, but these days the field of graphic design stands for me as a playground
without the limitations of designing products for mass manufacturing.

I've mainly done graphics for startup companies, designing graphic looks
for different visual material. Developing my graphic design skills supports
and boosts my ID work as well; good visual communication skills help a lot
working with the professionals from different branches.

I have done marketing materials for the products I've designed. Though it's
important that all the product features and design details are highlighted all
the way to the end user, it's usually not enough. The product has to have
character, a meaning for the customer since a product is a success only when
it reaches the customer and their awareness. The graphics design is not only
about beutiful pictures and glossy surface, it's an essential part of the
product's brand and ideology. It's about identities the customer want to
adopt and share.