industrial design

I've gained a lot of working experience from the last stages of the product development - the area where
engineering, manufacturing and id are bound together. Recent work experience of mine is from the entire
field of product development - throughout the whole process from portfolio management into finishing
products for mass manufacturing. Still my main focus is in the concepting; on the first steps on a path
for better products.

My tool number one for presenting ideas is defenitely freehand sketching & photoshopping.
When it comes to realising concepts I rely an old school craftmanship, sculpting forms out of
modelling clay or on my solid expertise of ProE. Toolkit of mine also contains Flash,
Illustrator and Rhinoceros.

On my spare time I love to improve my handcraft skills by desinging and creating stuff for my own
needs. These unique products can be anything from hand made bicycle frame to textile crafts,
and in a way these projects widen my sight on areas where daily ID work can't reach.